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    I am a typical NEET, refusing to go to work, just hiding in my room all day. My parents forced me to move out to live on my own, but the result was still the same. My sex drive is very high. All day long I just ate and masturbated. Momo is my neighbor, an extremely beautiful college girl with big, seductive breasts but seems to be an extremely lustful person. Seeing my erect cock made her horny. The next day, she voluntarily entered the room while I was masturbating as usual. Momo continuously used her actions to seduce me. On one side is a prostitute who wants to turn men into her own entertainment, on the other side is a person with an extremely large sexual desire. And as a result, my super libido won! Some time later, Momo moved to another place, I also started working but my sexual desire was still very strong. Really looking forward to the next neighbor moving in, hoping for someone like the lecherous schoolgirl from before...
     Movie Code: IPX-884 
     Actor: Momo Sakura