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    FSET-367 Azusa Nagasawa I Had To Put In To Her Best Friend. A movie with quite good content about a beautiful girl but... This series is 2 hours long but was produced a long time ago so I can only find a 720p HD version of the second half, the first half only has the version. SD so I won't update it. If you want to see the full SD, you can go online and find the code FSET-367. I introduce the first half so you can easily understand the content of part 2. The story begins on a beautiful morning when the wife goes to the market and meets her best friend from middle school who is going to the city to continue studying. high school (this wife got married so she left school early :D). Because she saw that her friend had no place to live, the wife took her friend home to live with her. From here, things started to get complicated when the husband could not resist the attraction of his wife's best friend. ta...Updated on May 24, 2018 to fix broken link
     Movie Code: FSET-367 
     Actor: Azusa Nagasawa 
     Category: Japanese Sex Movies Jav VLXX