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    Hamazaki, the girl I loved when I was a student, has now become... my mother. My mother passed away early, after a long time of taking care of me, my father decided to take another step forward. I did not stop him because he had worked too hard in a short time to raise me, educate me and grow into a person; But God is so ironic, the woman I'm about to call mother is the girl I secretly loved a few years ago, I honestly can't believe my eyes. She doesn't know me, but I remember it clearly, just because I only loved one-sidedly. After a while, I calmed down and accepted the truth, but... Seeing the scene of my father having sex with Hamazaki, he squeezed his big, sharp breasts and spread Hamazaki's legs to put it in, making me stop being jealous. , uncomfortable; Her moans echoed throughout the house. At that moment, I just wanted to run in and drag Hamazaki to find somewhere to live for the rest of my life. I decided not to leave this alone, after gathering all my courage, I started to act on my intention.