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    The female boss and her new male subordinate were forced to stay overnight due to a big storm. Because of this situation, it is difficult to find an empty room. Rin also doesn't mind sharing a room with Haneda, because he is not manly and not close to girls. Because she discovered that Haneda was still a virgin, Rin deliberately teased him, not expecting Haneda to muster up the courage to "attack" her. Seeing Haneda struggling, not knowing how to fuck her properly, Rin had to guide him little by little, teaching him how to kiss, how to squeeze her breasts, how to hook her pussy and how to click so that the girl feels really happy. Working is not great, but Haneda is very quick to learn about sex. He quickly caught on, even fucking Rin in many different positions without her having to teach him. Haneda's big cock and flexibility conquered Rin, giving her a feeling of joy that her boyfriend could not bring. That night, the two fucked until dawn. Even though it was time to return, Haneda was still reluctant, not wanting to leave Rin's body...