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    PRTD-016 Decoy Investigator Aya - Yarisa Sneak Inside Out - Aya Sasami. Another quite excellent movie by the 1997 born idol Aya Sazanami. The film was published on July 7, 2018 with quite interesting and attractive content and the performance of Aya Sazanami is beyond criticism. The content of the film is about a female trainee secret agent Sasami. Right from the first day of probation, Sasami was able to destroy an extremely large-scale drug trafficking network. And then after returning to the research room, she handed over her results to an older senior to research. Afterwards, Sasami and his team members returned home to celebrate. While everyone was eating and drinking, Sasami called her senior into her room to confide in her, or in other words, call him a bitch (although the senior was very ugly, she was a beautiful girl. Sasami fell in love with him again because of his talent). After Sasami seduced the senior, she thought he would belong to her, but the naive girl did not expect that this senior was an insider in the gang she had just destroyed. Let's wait and see what will happen to our beautiful girl.
     Movie Code: PRTD-016  
     Actor: Aya Sazanami 
     Category: Jav Japanese Sex Movies SEXTOP1